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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

WIP French Market Bag

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Here is the progress I've made on my French Market Bag. I'm using Cascade 220, and loving the way it knits up. I'm already thinking of knitting myself a sweater in it, but I have other Christmas knitting to get through first (this project is a present as well). The color on the photo isn't the greatest, as the solid blue is darker and more like the blue on the top of the page here where the title is located (at least as it appears on my screen.) But that blue is part of the green in the other yarn too, so the difference is there as well.

I've knitted a bit more since the photo was taken, and am about ready to start the handles of the bag. I worked on it last night at rehearsal while I was off stage. We did a runthrough of act 1 (the first time we'd run act 1 with the songs included.) It was nice to listen and get a feel for timing, while still being productive. The set isn't finished yet, and I confused one of the other younger actresses since I was sitting someplace that will be out of sight, but wasn't last night, so she was thinking I'd be able to be seen from the audience and that my knitting was part of the play! It wouldn't be inappropriate for my character to knit, but it isn't scripted as such. It was funny. Actually, we had a good rehearsal, and laughed a lot at "bits" we all were trying out. The script is pretty cheezy, true early musical comedy. I think the audience will enjoy it, and we are having fun with it, and that is important, since it will translate to them as well.


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