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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Terra Sig Rocks!

Why is it everything always takes at least twice as long as you think it will when it comes to projects? I was hoping to get a lot accomplished at pottery class last night. Unfortuantely that wasn't meant to be. BUT what I did get done was really cool, and I'm pleased about it. I had one vase I'd thrown and pieced together in Raku that I trimmed and started burnishing, added a tinted blue Terra Sigglatta (sp?) and burnished some more. I'm really excited about how this is looking. Matt thinks I need to add some more later and burnish again before bisque firing it. This is one of the pieces I'll use slip resit on. The bad thing is, it is taking a really long time to burnish it, but I'm liking the effect, so it isn't SO bad, but will require that I spend a lot more time on the other projects and I'm already way behind where I want to be with the stuff I was planning on doing. I'm not sure where that time is coming from, but I did buy extra clay last night to take home so that I can work there during non-open studio time... but that will put me behind on Christmas knitting too. (thank goodness I didn't decide to take on more knitting for Christmas than I did, but I'll be able to do some at the theater too I think.) Guess I know where I'll be on Saturday.

Robert is really happy that the Red Sox won the World Series last night and "Broke the Curse of the Bambino" now he guesses it will be the Cubbies turn...


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