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Monday, November 22, 2004

Events of late.

I thought having been laid off I would have time, but it seems to disappear anyway. I stay busy at least. Lets see...

The Producers tour we saw in Raleigh was almost as wonderful as the Original Cast Performance we saw in NYC in July of 2001. Robert was a bit skeptical that it was mostly a star vehicle for Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, and wouldn't hold up when other actors replaced them. He was happy to be wrong about that. We thoroughly enjoyed the performacne, and this time our tickets were a lot closer. I was concerned that I would be really disappointed in some of the cast, but I wasn't there were a few that were noticably not as good as the cast we'd seen, but even they were still really good. It was a fun day. Our friends who traveled to meet us and see the show with us really enjoyed it too. We all were in need of a good laugh.

Our show, "No No Nanette" closed yesterday. It was a fun run, and the audiences seemed to enjoy it. Opeining night there were some glitches where the actor playing my husband started a costume change way too early and missed an enterance. He'd missed it once before at a dress rehearsal for the same reason... he was concerned about getting the semi quick change done on time, and thought we were someplace else in the script. this time, another actor was offering to help him with the change when it was time, and he heard, "it's time to change." Since it had happened before, I had thought about it some, but it still left me hanging and I had to cover for him. It's a longer story, but it all ended up all right in the end. Ah the joys of live theater... it's never the same show twice. Everyone seemed to get along in this one too, which made things go smoothly. I really want to audition for the farce they have slated for after the first of the year, so I need to gear up for the job hunt, to make sure I have bills covered enough to do that.

I've been in the pottery studio a lot recently trying to get the raku pieces finished. I've made 3 more vases, and a series of penguins (about a foot tall each) which I thought would look really really cool in raku. One of them collapsed when I was making it, but it looked cool, so I kept it. It looks like it is melting. I think that one I'm going to clear glaze all over (the clay body is white) and call him "Spring Thaw" I'll post photos when I remember to take my camera to the studio.
The others will have white crackle areas but the rest will turn black in the reduction bin when the smoke and flames come into contact with the unglazed clay. The raku firing is set for December 11. I'm hoping to get some photos that day as well.

In the meantime I did a marketing survey, and made a little cash, and will have a part time job in December at a historic house that is being decorated for Christmas, and will have a period Santa. I'm also getting my portfolio and resume together for the job hunt.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are celebrating with friends here in town, and then going to visit family on the weekend. Before then, I'm teaching some friends to knit, and we may start a regular knitting night after that. (at least it will motivate me to start the final Christmas knitting I had planned. So I can felt the French Market Bag with it.)

I haven't really talked about music here at all yet... maybe that is what the next post will be about.


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