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Thursday, December 27, 2007

stripey scarf

Happy Holidays. I'm thankful for a few days off. It's been a long year, good, bad, and busy.

Been thinking a lot about the family of my pottery acquaintance who was murdered in October. (she was stabbed by a homeless man while trying to find a shelter for him, she worked for meals on wheels, and was attacked at the church where they were preparing the meals, the other lady who was also stabbed and survived is home now, and recovering. the man is in jail awaiting trial) But my heart goes out to her family who are having a Christmas without their mother, or their wife... needlessly.. She was one of my cabin-mates at the pottery retreat I went to back in February. That paired with the VA Tech killings this year... Had it been during my college days, I might have known some of those kids.. a large percentage of college bound kids from my graduating class in high school went to Tech since it was only 45 minutes away (one if not both of those guns was purchased in my home town)....my heart goes out to those families as well, and the families of the other victims of this recent violence... There is a lot of crazy violence these days... scary... I hope next year will be better, or that something will be start to change in a positive way.

Personally I can't complain. We had a good year at the office and I got to do some good work. I'm excited about the upcoming theatre season both on our season tickets, and what is on the slate for the community theatre productions. We're getting a new director, since our previous one has been promoted. I don't know if they have hired someone yet or not. Auditions for the first show are supposed to be right after the first of the year, so we'll see..

Here is the scarf I'm working on at the moment. It's Noro Silver Thaw two skiens that I'm making stripes with. Some of it is pooling weird, but we'll see what the overall effect is before coming to any conclusions. (I feel like the section I'm on now had hotpink cool-aid spilled all over it from the general hue of that part) there are some more areas of that yellow green coming up so that won't look so out of place eventually. It's kinda fluffy itchy from the angora that is in it..


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