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Thursday, June 14, 2007

texture and tea

Here is the latest teapot. This one is made from red clay, and glazed in a cone 6 ketchup red glaze fired in oxidation. (I still haven't glazed the elephant teapot. He hasn't yet told me what kind of glaze he wants to have.... ) anyway, Teapot:

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The bricky red color on the handle, spout and lid, is mostly clay body with a minimum of glaze on it. I coated the whole thing in glaze and wiped some of the glaze off on those places so the texture would hold up better. I'm pleased with the results and will probably use this technique again.

I'm glad David Hyde Pierce won the Tony for best leading actor in a musical. The awards were pretty boring overall since The coast of Utopia won most of the play category awards, and Spring Awakening won most of the musical category awards. Not that perhaps they weren't deserving, but it makes for a boring evening of award viewing. I'm still not a huge fan of the score from Spring Awakening though. It was refreshing when Julie White won her tony for Best leading actress in a play. She was a joy to watch, as it came pretty unexpectedly to her, since she was in the running with the likes of Angela Lansbury, Venessa Redgrave, Swoosie Kurtz and Eve Best... steep competition. Christine Ebersole won for leading actress of a musical one of the only musical categories Spring Awakening didn't have a nomination in.

I do want to know what was up with letting Fantasia sing though.. she was good, but that isn't the point, she has gone into The Color Purple as a replacement, and gotten very good reviews, but The Color Purple was part of last year's awards. They did give a special Tony to the theatre where Color Purple started, but still... what's up with that, when Legally Blonde which was up for some awards, including an actress in a best Leading actress in a musical category, and best book, and scores of a musical... WHY not let them perform?? especially after telling them they could, then rescending the offer.. It may be a fluff piece, but if it gets some young people interested in going to the theatre great! At least it isn't a juke box musical.

Work is still Insanely busy, been working lots of evening hours and stuff like that, but we are having a better time at the office lately. And we've been doing some good work, which is a great thing.

July is shaping up to be even busier than expected. I now have a job to do for my cousin's wedding, which I'm happy to do of course. And our annual visit to see my aunt and uncle is falling in July this year too... I'm ready for the "vacation"


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