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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Checking in...

Okay, so it is April, and I haven't posted sine December... I *thought* the worst was over, and in a way it is; but in January everything sort of all started sinking in at once. I had a lot of things go down last year, some I had control over, some I didn't, but the bottom line is that they happened. It is a lot to deal with. So I've been taking things one day at a time.

I ended up auditioning for a new musical thinking I needed to be around people, and I wanted to be involved but didn't want a big part, because I knew I wasn't focused enough for anything larger. I ended up with three small parts. I was right about not being able to handle anything larger, but in the end, we got through it. That show closed last weekend, and we are scheduled to do an original cast recording next week, which is super cool, especially for me being the Musical Theatre geek that I am.

One of my "best friends" (for lack of a better term for him right now) threw me a surprise party for my birthday, which was really nice, and there was a great turnout for it, and a number of people have told me they were sorry they couldn't make it. It was really nice, and unexpected (hence the "surprise" part...) The next day I had a Dr's appointment, which turned into 6 days of being poked with needles amongst other things (the timed bleed test was the worst). Turns out my platelets were low, dangerously so. Part of that 6 day stint, was 3 out patient day treatments at the hospital to get my platelets back up, and on the last day, they were up in a "normal range." they are still monitoring me, and at last check they were down again, but not dangerously so, but there were factors at play that didn't make the Dr surprised they were down.. so more monitoring before the medicine can be pulled back. I feel fine. I felt fine before, I was just bruising really easily and I don't tend to bruise, and I had red spots all over me, especially on my legs, I later learned were called "petechiae." I could tell the treatment was working when they started disappearing. Scary stuff. But they have been able to eliminate some of the more serious potential causes, so that is a silver lining.

Spring is here, and the outlook is good, much better than last year at this time at least. I'm looking forward to Summer and seeing friends, and maybe doing some traveling. I bought tickets to a U2 concert in the fall... so that is definitely something to be looking forward to.


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