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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thanksgiving and knitting events

I know I said I was going to talk about music, but that will have to wait overall although during our Thanksgiving activities we were introduced to a Playstation 2 game that was hilarious. It was a karaoke game that was based on American Idol... we had loads of fun playing it...and with the crowd we had at Cat's house, it was funny. (I even came in 2nd the second time we played!! That game I sang Son of a Preacher Man and Hit me with your Best Shot.... song selection was pretty limited and there were 8 of us playing.)She wants to buy the game now. (it was brought over by one of the other guests) We had a lovely time at Cat's. Jimbo was there and we were all very glad to see him. (He moved away at the end of August.) He has already resigned his new position. It was misrepresented to him, and may be returning here, since he realized his friends here were important to him. He may try and get his old job back since the position isn't filled yet. He was good at it, I hope it works out for him. Robert will be thrilled to have him back in town, since he isn't the most social of characters himself, and loved hanging out with Jimbo.

We went to VA to see my dad too. He is doing pretty well. He says the chemo has stopped making his hair thin/fall out. But it is making everything taste like "a lead pipe" so he isn't eating a whole lot. I hope that is a temporary thing. The last two times we've been to VA he has been on the off period of the medication so he has been feeling pretty well. It has gotten to the point that the medicine is making him pretty tired when he is on it. I'm not sure how many more treatment cycles they are going to give him. But his cancer count numbers are way down from where they were in March, so that is very positive.

I'm starting seasonal work at Stonewall tomorrow. They are doing the luminary night to kick things off. That was fun last year. Been working on the portfolio during the day, and have done a little freelance work as well.

Anna and Nicole both picked up knitting pretty quickly. (Although Anna has only mastered Knit stitch, and Nicole has done knit and purl.) We had a fun time, listening to showtunes on Satellite (they are theater buddies), and talking while we knit.

Talked to Matt my pottery "teacher" and he said the stuff came out of the Bisque fire well, so I should have some more photos to share very soon. I've got some work to do before the firing next weekend.


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