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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Caught in the middle

Okay, here are some photos of some of my raku work I'm working on mid-process.. what this means is that they have been fired once, and the nect firing will be next weekend which will be the raku firing. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope the weather holds out.

Thr first photo is of my penguins, they are about a foot tall each. 3 penguins The one that looks kind of melted will be clear glazed, and will have some crackel to him. he is going to be called "Spring Thaw" The other two are going to have two other raku techniques applied to them, one will be slip resist, and the other will be "naked" raku. Both of these processes turn out where the piece is unglazed, and will have smokemarks in the actual clay body.

The next image is two other terra siged vases. One has white and blue terra sig on it, the other only blue. Both of these have been bisque fired as well. Terra Sig vases they will also have naked and slip resist techniques used on them. Keep an eye out for the finished results in jsut over a week or so.


Blogger Mike said...

I love the penguins! Hope your firing goes well, Mike.

3:37 PM


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