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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Projects

I'm so excited that JK Rowling announced she is finished with Book 6 in the Harry Potter Series, and it will be published July 16, 2005!!!

Our Buddy Jim showed up in town this morning early, so we helped him put his stuff in storage today, and he will be spending the next few weeks visiting friends around the country, as he is trying to get a job here in town. We've missed having him around, so we are happy he is planning on returning.

I finally got my French Market Bag felted and monogrammed. There is still a little bit of stitch defination, but I like it that way. I finished the monogram at Tuesday's SnB.

French Market Bag Felted

Everyone is progressing in their knitting, although Anna still doesn't think she is ready for the purl stitch. Eric is speeding along, and may be ready for a pattern soon, and Nicole finished a lovely scarf that she mixed knits and purls in the middle of and made a neat pattern on her own. I'm so proud of them.

Here is another seasonal project. Felted Christmas Stars.

felted stars

I took some photos of the house where I was working for Christmas, but have to make them smaller to post. If I get my other chores done before we have to travel, I'll post them. Otherwise, happy holidays everyone!!


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