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Monday, April 24, 2006

Odds and Ends

I've been bad about posting recently. Not that there hasn't been stuff to post about, I just havne't posted.

Robert and I celebrated our anniversary, I've PAID my taxes, I finished Clapotis, went to an out of state family funeral, saw cousins I hadn't seen in a long time and their kids some of whom I'd never seen. Started the Hoover Blanket, had some friends who had close relatives die as well, did some gardening, decided not to audition for the next show, signed up for pottery (which starts this week FINALLY) and bought season tickets for musicals in Raleigh, came down with Strep thraoat with 102.6° fever. Feeling better now, but still on medication.

We also have some friends here who have quit thier jobs, sold thier house (and are now debt free) who are getting ready to embark on a hike of the Appalachain Trail. How cool is that? They had wanted to leave in March, but thier house didn't sell as quickly as they had hoped. Now it has, and they are leaving soon. Not something I have great asparations to do, but it is pretty cool, and they are going to do it. They will be missed around here, but they are off to bigger adventures.

One of the last remaining reminders of the Flood of '99 is now history as well. The Mall that was flooded and served as a constant reminder in it's derelect abandoned state, has finally been torn down, now when TV crews come to town from the bigger market of Raleigh, they will have to focus on something else other than this deserted mall, and the "dying" city with it...because it is just off the highway into town this is where they generally did their reports when they came to town regardless what the story was about. Progress... Actually we're getting a fair amount of new construction around here these days, so hopefully that is a good sign for the economy around here, which is in great need of a boost.


Anonymous Cheapa$$pallygal2 said...

When I was but a wee lass the unknown flowers in your photo were known to us as "buttercups". There were also yellow ones growing wild outside our house.

9:11 AM


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