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Saturday, December 17, 2005

christmas madness.

I'm not posting photos right now, not becasue I don't have them, but because I don't really have time to mess with them right now. But I did want to update since so much has been going on.

What I didn't/couldn't tell you on December 1st was that not 30 minutes before I was scheduled for my Imperial Centre visit, I was offered my old job back. I knew that the artist they had kept in the layoff was resigning, but Robert had warned me not to get my hopes up about them asking me back, so it was kind of a surprise for both of us when they did. I was pretty much in shock when I got to the Imperial Centre. I have since acceped the offer, and will continue on where I was with benefits and things, (read: one more year and I get three weeks vacation!!!!!) I do have mixed feelings about it, but

1.) it is in town so no monster commute
2.) it is in my field.
3.) I know what I'm in for as I know the "games" certain people there play already
4.) the pay is better than the part time stuff I've done this year
5.) I'm already familiar with the clients and the "games" they play
6.) It is a more normal schedule than trying to work part time and do freelance work to stay afloat
7.) any freelance work I do now is extra money, rather than extremely necessary to stay afloat.
8.) I might actally be able to take a vacation. (not working is very much NOT a vacation)
9.) I won't smell like vinegar when I get home (but I will have to deal with office politics again --see #3)
10.) I can stop worrying about when and where I am next working, if I will be able to pay bills next month and that sort of thing, although with the cost of heating increase around here, there may still be a "pay bill" worry, as I am not looking forward to seeing what that is going to be like. Sweaters and Blankets for Christmas!!
11.) I figure it will look better on my resume, since they were willing to hire me back.

I learned this year, that a lot of agencies are as bad or worse than this place is, and there are definately worse places to be. I learned there are a lot of thankless jobs out there, and most of the people doing them don't get paid nearly enough. (You couldn't PAY me enough to be a professional secretary/assistant-- the stuff they have to put up with and take care of is immense.) I have wondered many times over the year, how anyone that makes minimum wage survives on that income. I was lucky that most of my odd jobs this year paid more than that, but it was sad because it was at times still pitiful pay, not that I wasn't thankful to have it at all. I have learned I need to keeep on top of the programs even if the agency doesn't so If I find myself in a situation like this again, I am more prepared, ditto for keeping my portfolio up to date.

I finished my stint at the BBQ sauce making place yesterday, I'll miss the people, and the lack of office politics, and getting off between 2:30 and 4. but not the repetitiveness of it, and smelling like vinegar. This weekend is the last weekend for "Stonewall: at home for the holidays" as well, so come Monday, my "official" start back date, I will have one job, and one semi stedy freelance job, and a couple of occasional freelance gigs. The one job will be a tremendous help. as it will mean my schedule will become more normal again, for which I am VERY thankful.

Now I just have to finish getting ready for Christmas. :) Happy Holidays!


Blogger Maryann said...

You're here! I was just going to send out a search party! Come visit us Knittyheads once in a while, huh?

4:48 PM

Blogger Margot said...

Hooray for you!!!

Of course, we'll be expecting more pictures onm the blog now that you'll be having all this free time...


10:57 PM

Blogger Trillian42 said...

Let me know when "Oz" is - I might have to see about coming down for it!


12:44 AM


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