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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Illusive Red

Here is the Red Raku Bowl. Much of the outside is a similar red color. Here you can see the blue-green part though. I need to get a better photo of it though, since this one has a lot of hard shadows in it, so you don't get to see it properly.

I need to remember we did a lot of reduction on this one, and had painted on glaze, rather than dipped, in 2 coats letting them dry between them... hmmmmm what other factores were at play here?? The initial reduction was done wtih the bowl in normal sitting postition, but when I moved stuff around, before putting in more combustibles, I set it on it's side. If I'm not mistaken the blue green line on the exterior was where it was sitting in the ash, but the interior of the bowl doesn't have this marking, so maybe that isn't where that effect is from, or the interior just got more oxygen or something...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More photos to come soon. :)


Blogger Mike said...

Whatever you did, the result is amazing. I love the finish on your other pieces as well!

5:42 AM


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