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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

time flies

EEEP! It is almost September and I haven't taken my "August Imperial Centre Update Photos yet...

It's been a weird month, and a definate emotional rollercoaster. I've been playing phone tag still with my Raleigh/London friend, hopefully we will get to see one another soon. We just keep missing each other, and I haven't been in Raleigh as much this month, (which has been okay with gas prices being what they are) but that also brought on some of the no-work anxiety, and so there was a week or so that was a big depression. SO as a result of that, Robert had a friend who needed help at her BBQ sauce business, and I needed to get out of the house and do SOMETHING, so I've been working part time for her helping make, label, bottle, and pack the BBQ sauce. It is easy work, very repetitive (but there are 3 different flavors and 2 sizes) but there is NO OFFICE POLITICS which is a wonderful thing, and the other good thing is, if I have freelance to do, or am needed in an office freelancing, I just let her know, and that is that... (Freelance pays a lot better...) So since that has started I've had a number of freelance gigs come up as well mostly ones I've been able to accomplish at home in the evening. It wouldn't even be bad if I could have this job in the am (we are generally done between 2 and 2:30) and then have one or two freelance projects a week. I could survive on that.

Pottery started last Wednesday night. It was GREAT to be back with the clay buddies, and some other friends have joined the class too.. so it was great to see them as well. I will enjoy seeing them each week. One of them came over after class, and stayted until almost midnight!! It was late, but it was great to hang out with her, we don't see nearly enough of her.

We also got to take a trip to see my Aunt and Uncle in Williamsburg one weekend. They have a "revival" theater company of one they started in the 60's. The purpose of the revival is to raise money for a scholarship in the name of one of the other founders of the theater company who is now deceased, and who taught theater to Highschool Students for many years. The show this year was George Benard Shaw's "Candida" and it was wonderful. (My uncle does the sets and my aunt does the costumes generally.)(in the last few years they have done "Long Days Journey Into Night" "Copenhagen" and "A Delicate Balance" each was quite good in its own right, and most have been in conjunction with the Virginia Shakespeare Company's Season) The highlight though, was meeting another fellow founder of the "Wedgewood Theater" who was there to see the show as well, and we were all staying with my aunt and uncle. This lady was quite fun, and I am sorry I had not met her sooner. We had a ball talking to her, and I am hopeful we will see her again in the future.

So that is what I've been up to... Hopefully there will be some photos to show soon.


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