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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


SO I realized I've bearely said anything about music here on my blog, except for the occasional comment on American Idol... (which I'm starting to lose interest in.) I haven't bought anything really recently since I don't really have an income at the moment aside from the pitiful unemployment check...) I was listening to Satellite radio today on the TV (we get sirius with our TV satellite package) and they were playing a song from "Spamalot" which is a big hit on Broadway right now. It was the first track I'd heard from it, although Robert informs me that it is actually from a previous Python sketch or movie. Not being the biggest Python fan, it passed me by. I realized that the Tony nominations should be coming out next week, and I'm not even sure what is elegable since I haven't been paying attention. So I'm not sure what new is out there either...

I watched the Brit awards on BBC America about a week ago and discovered a few new bands there. I've always been a fan of Brit pop anyway, and now is no different. I already knew I liked Franz Ferdinand, although haven't purchased the Album yet, but found Keane and McFly amongst others especially interesting as well. (I wonder if they got the McFly name from the Back to the Future movies?) Scissor Sisters cleaned up at the awards, I would like to hear more of them before deciding about them. I kind of liked the song they sang at the awards, but wasn't blown away by it. (even if they did use jim Henson's Creature Shop creations for their stage show)

Also about a week ago I went to an organ recital at the Church where I was temping. The Organist was Dorothy Papadakos, and she was a lot of fun. The program included a seires of dance songs from Shall we Dance, to a Greek traditional dance, and a Latin one as well... on the organ.. it was neat. She did a 40's and broadway medley which included In the Mood. The organ isn't a theater organ, but she certainly made it sound like one. Robert felt like he should have been in a ball park. We got to meet her afterwards, she was very nice, but I didn't get to talk to her as much as I would have liked, there were a lot of people wanting to talk to her. She has written a Broadway Musical called "Pompeii" and it will have it's first performances in Willmington NC this fall, and if all goes well will go to Broadway from there. Lawrence, the church organist was given a copy of the promotional CD for the show, and he let me listen to it. It was great. I'm hoping to be able to get to Willmington to see it. It would be great to have seen it before it gets to New York, especially if it does well, and from what I heard of it, there doesn't seem to be any reason as to why it shouldn't do well.


Blogger amanda said...

you are a wonderful sp! i went to the post office this morning to pick up the last package you sent and i love it! i've never used rowan magpie and feel so lucky. thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity---i hope your sp treated you as well as you treated me!

1:08 PM

Anonymous Christy said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only knitter and Broadway musical fan out there :-) We should start a community (there are probably two others of us)!!
Anyway, I just thought I'd say HI - thanks for signing my blog and identifying all the broadway references. Definitely keep in touch and I look forward to reading more about your adventures in theater and knitting :)

take care,
...also a fellow PISCES!

(p.s. I've posted a coupe of comments on the knitty board; my user name is BroadwayKnits)

1:47 PM


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