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Friday, March 04, 2005

Shows and Secret Pals

I know I haven't posted a lot of knitting stuff recently. One, I haven't been overly productive in that vein of late, well not stuff I can show you right now, since what I have been knitting is something of my own design but it is for my secret pal first, cause I'm making one for her, so in case she is reading...I'm not showing... On the other hand, I have the greatest secret pal!! this actually came last weekend, but I'm finally getting around to posting about it now. It came all wrapped up like this:

(the yarn was loosly wrapped in the pretty floral paper it is sitting on.)
and opened to this:

The yarn is wool and yummy. What a fantastic color! Just perfect. and 3 Skiens! Thanks SP :) I can't wait to find the perfect project for it. Maybe even one of the felted bags from the pattern book she sent. This is the book I wanted, I've been eyeing the houndstooth pattern ever since I saw it in a magazine back probably in the summer. The other goodies are more of those fantastic Hazelnut prelene chocolates, and some fabulous Tea, in Wild Orange, and Cammomile. (Havne't actually tried the camommile yet, but if it is half as good as either it smells or as the orange is, it will be great)

Let's see... Sent out more resume packages this week, but that's all I'm saying there, not to jinx any of it.

I'm disappointed that Aloha and David were kicked off this week on American Idol. Neither of them performed particularly well this week, so I understand why they were, but I think both are more talented than a few of the ones who remain (but there are ones who are better who still remain). They all are going to have to "kick it up a notch" though if I'm going to remain interested. I thought the boys did well this week, but this was the girls' week to be ho-hum... any more of that and I'm really not going to care.

Our show ended last weekend. Had a good run, and strike went smothly and we were done shortly after 6. A lot of the stuff was stock though so we just had to take it down and put it away. Anyway, here is a photo from the show.

and one of the cast after a dress rehearsal (out of costume)


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