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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Secret Pal has started

I'm participating in the Secret Pal 3 swap on Knitty, and I recieved my first package yesterday! I have a really great pal, apparently in Vermont. She sent me Mohair in beautiful teal blues, a yummy hazelnut chocolate bar, yummy maple syrup from Vermont, and a Ben and Jerry's Flowerpot with blue flower seeds (I don't know the variety by name so I'm not sure what they will look like, but the info said they will be marine blue). It is "compost" from animals, food scraps including their icecream, and a mix of other soil type stuff. Here is a photo:


I'm working on the package I'm sending to my secret pal, but I won't put any details here yet, incase she is reading...


Blogger Bean said...

Hey Labean from Knitty boards here. You have a great Secret Pal. I'm drooling over that chocolate and the Mohair!! I'm tempted to put my secret pals gifts on my blog but I can't, cause I KNOW she reads it :)) I didn't know B&J made that sort of thing, I thought they were only ice cream! Goes to show how much I know right?



3:45 PM


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