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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More Snow

The weatherman lied!! They said we might get some flurries.. but it SNOWED today. So my pottery class was cancelled for tonight, and another session will be added on at the end. It's actually a good thing since I was sitting on the fence as to if I were going to go tonight or not; because while I'm feeling a lot better, I'm still coughing and the studio is choc full of claydust. I probably would have opted not to go tonight, the cough is still just a little too bad, so this way I didn't miss a class. And it will give me another week to decide on what I want to work on this session.

Here's the photo of what we came back to after Christmas. (taken around dusk)


We didn't get nearly this much snow today, but from all accounts, as it got packed down it became really icy and slick. I'm glad not to be out in it.

The first 2 American Idol audition shows were fun. I don't have any "stand out favorites" I'm rooting for just yet, like I was with Clay or Frenchie, although I did kind of like the farm girl that was on tonight (even though they want to push her towards country it sounds like, and I'm not crazy about country music.) I'll probably keep an eye out for her though. They're in New Orleans next week.. that should be fun.


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