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Thursday, February 10, 2005

First signs of Spring!

I went to go to Pottery Class last night and this is what I found in my yard....

It seems a bit early for these to be coming up, but I'm not really complaining. Most of them didn't even make it up last year because of the weather we'd had. It has been kinda warm the last couple of days. I hope that isn't a sign it is going to be freezing again next week.. the weater down here seems to do that.

Talked to dad this morning, he was in Las Vegas on a shoe buying trip for his business last week and was there for the Super Bowl. He says they got in to the Monte Carlo's Super Bowl Party, and it sounds like they had a fun time. They got really nice shirts and hats he says. He's sounding like he is feeling good.

Not much new to report. Been searching job sites for listings.. Most things I'm finding in my field I'm either way over qualified for, or there is an emphasis on something I don't have any experience in. (Like one was for Magazine Design. I've done some larger format book type print work, but no Magazine experience per se... I might apply to that one anyway and see what happens, I mean the worst that could happen there is I'd be out a couple of pieces of paper, an envelope and a stamp. Right?

Pottery was very unproductive last night. I think I need to buy new clay for the wheel work. I've got some from last fall that is either too tough from where it has dried out or too wet from where I tried to reclaim it. I think I may save that stuff for some handbuilding projects.

Had fun watching American Idol this week, although I'm a bit miffed that some of the people I've started to really like I'm not sure if they are still in contention or not. I didn't see them sing last night in the group competition, and I didn't see them in the shots from next week either. Granted they were really good, so I'm hoping I can assume nothing catastrophic has happend to them yet.... I was worried for that one crooner I like last night when his group really flubbed up bad with Manilow's "Jump Shout Boogie"--although it was nothing like what it should have been so it hardly resembled it at all, and what lyrics they did manage to sing were from outerspace somewhere. Simon took pity on them, and gave them another chance though....DON'T BLOW IT GUYS!!!! (Or rather he knows how talented they are and wants to keep them around a bit longer) I'm so glad that Liz girl got the boot though. Man, her info says she is 24, but she acts like a 16 year old. She says it's "not fair" but I didn't see her put forth much effort... If the 16 year old who's mom was in the hospital with food poisioning could pull off the performance she did, surely Liz could have bothered to learn the words....


Blogger Qeltic said...

Not fair! I can hardly wait to see the tape of Wednesday's American Idol.... hint hint!

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