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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Busy busy busy

Last night was my first pottery class of the new session. We have a new student in our group, she seems really nice and will fit in with the other crazy people in the class, although one of our regulars isn't around this session, we'll miss having her. The last snow day the studio was broken into and they stole the heaters and the cd "boom box" (what are they called now?) so we may have to sing in studio now... hahaha! I wore a face mask thingy so not to breathe the clay dust too much last night. I've been given a refil on my perscription since I'd been through with the first session for almost 2 weeks and I was still coughing. I'm thinking this second group of pills may do the trick though, since I'm already feeling more alive than I have been all month. Matt was saying he wants us to aim for a show for the group. I think that is a good idea and would be fun.

I have an interview on Tuesday, wonn't say any more so I don't jinx it. But I'm getting stuff ready for that.

I am going yarn shopping this afternoon so I can get a SP package ready to send to my pal. (and maybe take advantage of some winter sales for myself) My friend Nicole is going with me. She is one of the ones I taught to knit before Chritstmas, and this week she started on her first pattern (from Knitty even) anyway she is excited to see a real yarn store, since here in town all we have are Michaels and WalMart and the fabric store which doesn't carry a great deal of yarn, but occasionally you can find some good needles there. She was here Tueday night and we laughed at American Idol while we knit. Last night's Idol was better than Tuesdays.. I really felt like they didn't show us a whole lot on Tuesday, but from the looks of it maybe there wasn't a lot to show. I am starting to see some of the kids I'm going to want to pay attention to later though. And I'm glad they finally got some decent women through since it was looking like the men were going to be the strongest ones.

The Addy Award entry deadline is aproaching as well. I have one poster I definately want to enter and a second I'm thinking of maybe entering... but havne't made the final call on that one yet. Keep your fingers crossed for the one I am entering though.


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