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Thursday, March 24, 2005

What am I working on?

This :
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This mitered scarf out of Kiogu (is that spelled correctly?) wool yarn. I'm thinking of making it double sided but having the other side in a different colorway. Maybe the greens I was looking at before. It was so difficult for me to decide on the colors for this... It isn't perfect, I'm learning about this technique as I go pretty much. It is fun though, and it isn't as tedious as a normal garter or stockingette stitch scarf.

I've bought some sock yarn, but don't have the needles for it right now. (since the stores in town don't seem to carry anything smaller than a 5 and I want circulars in a 1, 2, or 3. and the yarn store in Raleigh was out of them when I was last there.)


Blogger Qeltic said...

Don't forget that you can borrow my "0" circulars. BTW - you've come a long way on the scarf since I saw you last. It looks great!

4:03 PM


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