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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Birthday Adventures

So, Thursday was my Bithday. Nothing terribly eventful during the day. I got some lovely PM's from some friends on the-leaky-cauldron.org. It was nice to know some of the people whose posts I enjoy, also enjoy mine. Mom came and took Robert and I to The Outblack for dinner, we ran into Betty-Lou and Lisa who I uesd to work with at the agency. Lisa is gone now too. We exchanged some job lead information, since she is a copy-writer and I am a designer, we're not competing for jobs. After getting home and hanging out doing the usual evening routine, we went to sleep as usual only to be awoken by a banging on the front door minutes before 2 am. Now we live in a nice older neighborhood, not too far from the downtown of our small city. Go a few blocks in any direction and the neighborhoods are somewhat questionable, but I don't tend to feel "unsafe" at my house... but banging on the door at 2 am is another story. ... We looked outside thinking it might just might be our friend who is moving back to town... nope. No car or anything out front ... and the banging contiinued... we called 911... (the police station is only a few blocks away...) after calling 911, I looked out the back window, and there was a police car at my neighbor's house out back. We went downstairs and peeked outside.. it was indeed a police officer... There had been a string of car breakins in the neighborhood and one of ours was included. (it was one that hadn't been running though, and it was locked, unlike some of my neoghbors') We were outside with the police and my neighbor until about 2:45 and found it difficult to get back to sleep afterwards...

Got up the next day, Robert was at work, I looked out the window and my trunk was most definately not as it had been the previous night when we went back to bed... so I had to call the police again... Apparently they had apprehended the suspect between 3 and 5 and since he had a record, and confessed, was behind bars. (although had left the police with a string of reports to make since there were a lot of other cars that were broken into.) But it gave us some peace of mind to be able to spend the night in Raleigh one night this weekend for further Birthday celebrations. The rest of the weekend I spent in the pottery studio. :)


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