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Saturday, April 23, 2005


I'm running the light board for the current Playhosue show-- "The Miracle Worker." This is our first show with our new tech director. The set looks great. This is by far the most complex lighting I've run the board for, but that may be the show more than anything else. The new TD's a nice guy but is still warming up to people. Every now and then I get a glimpse that assures me he will fit in once he gets comfortable with everyone. The show got a neew cast member two days prior to opening. An older gentleman who has never been on stage before who is a season ticket holder. HE is quite charming, and seems to be enjoying it.... and we're enjoying having him around. Last night was opening night and the show looked good, and the audience really enjoyed it.

I'm sad that Anwar was cut from American Idol this week. With he and Nadia both gone I'm losing interest pretty quickly since they are both more talented than Scott and Anthony. (not that I'm saying neither of them have talent, because they do, but I feel like they both should have gone home before Anwar and Nadia.) Of those who are left, I'm hoping Scott will be the next to go. His personality, or lack there of, really turns me off him.

Pottery studio is on the slate for this afternoon, before the show this evening. I'm hoping to get a few more pieces done before the firning that is 2 weeks from now. (I'm taking a workshop the following weekend, so I have to have some pieces for that as well, and I haven't decided what is going where yet. fortunately, it is all the same claybody, so I will just have to pick and chose.)

There havne't been any new job postings for a while, but now I'm done with the temp job at the church.. I'm hoping there will be more postings this week.. or maybe I'll start hearing from the places I've already had interviews.. it is about that time now.


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