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Friday, June 10, 2005

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like....


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So I'm driving by the site for the first time in a few weeks last weekend and the steel structure was up!!! Here is a photo from today, when the board memebers got to visit the site, (so that we can talk about it better for the upcoming fundraiser) and It's AWESOME!!! It is so Cool to finally see this coming together.....This picture is from the second story cat walk (connecting the Art Galleries with the Children's Museum) that can be seen on previous site photos I posted. Obviously the theater wasn't finished enough for us to tour that part of the site, but WOW! you can see the stage, the pit the fly and where the rails are going to be... and see that HUGE crane in the background???? That signifies that the theater walls are going to be arriving soon. They are poured concrete and will be slid into place, so it should go up pretty quickly from here. They have a ton of work left to go though, and really only 6 months left to do it.... Below ia a photo of me and the President of the Friends of the Arts Center, in our hard hats. The building behind us is the old library, (the new library can be seen through the theater structure to the left in the top photo) which is going to be classroom space, and this particular end will house the clay classroom, kiln room and the black box theater space.

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(I REALLY need to lose some weight. UGH.)

I'm pleased with the results of the Tony awards last weekend. I was VERY pleased that it wasn't a clean sweep by Spamalot. They did win best Musical, best director of a musical and best supporting actress in a musical, but each of the 4 big nominees in the theater categories won something, so I was happy since there were a lot of worthy contenders this year, unlike some recent years. I really like the score for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, it is such fun. It didn't win much, only Best leading actor in a Musical, (for the Steve Martin role from the film) but what a role! Light in the Piazza took 6 of it's 11 nominations. I've only listened to the cast recording once so far, through tinny computer speakers, so it may not be a fair assessment, but it isn't my favorite. Don't get me wrong, it is well written, and verly lovely in places, if not bordering on operatic, but it isn't overly hummable... at least not on a first listen. I will of course listen to it more closely, but that was a first impression. The premise of the show reminded me some of the composer's grandfather's (Richard Rodgers) only collaberation with Stephen Sondheim, "Do I Hear A Waltz?" Which I think is a charming score, but it didn't play particularly long on Broadway, and is more or less unknown to most people.

I'm very overdue for my blog THANK YOU to my secret pal. Here is a photo of some of the lovely items she sent in her first package.

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The background is a lovely scarf she sent, the purple thing with the heart on the front is a photo album, now I can put my theater snapshots someplace!! The Yarn is Merino wool and so hugable. and The color so lovely. There was also yummy chocolate, and a cardinal windchime which is on my porch. and see the Awesome Card in the photo?? I think she drew that herself. I am not so talented in the marker rendering category... you Rock Secret Pal. Thank you so much, and I'm sorry it took me so long to get this posted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back blogger! Missed you! Exciting theatre pics! Yeah!

2:02 AM

Blogger Margot said...

Ohhhhhh.... look at the booty! Love the scarf.

The theatre is exciting. And glad to finally have a face to go with the friend!

PS Thanks for the great card a couple of weeks ago. Soory I'm so late w/the thanks. *blush*

2:39 PM

Blogger Margot said...


Now that I'm no longer your secret pal, now that I no longer have to stalk you secretly, now you allow anonymous comments! : )

And I do so too know how to spell sorry. Sorry.

2:42 PM

Blogger Mtwelovett said...

Sorry Margot,

I actually didn't realize it didn't allow anonomous comments until you said something about it...

11:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

stalking, oh the joy!

2:13 PM


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