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Friday, October 28, 2005

Alive, but crazy

I'm still on the planet I pormise. Been having BUSY times of late. I was asked to join a cast of a 4 person show a week prior to opening when another actor flaked, so that is where my evenings have been... thank goodness it was turned into reader's theatre, as this play is not particularly easy to memorize in the best of conditions. It is one of those plays that is essentially about the language that it uses... lots of $5 words. It opened last night to a small house that was comprised mainly of students, and I'd wager many having never attended the theatre before... lots of rudeness going on.. talking and whatnot. one was playing a game on his cell phone or soemthing the whole time given the glow coming from his area. The show is FUNNY, but you have to be sharp to "get" a lot of the jokes and references... they didn't... hopefully the audiences tonight and tomorrow will be better.

All this started 2 weeks after being asked to be a Moderator on one of my favoirite forums (that is HUGE in membership) I'm honored, but am definately still learning the ropes there. I haven't really been there in a week becasue of the show, and I miss them. My other forum, I haven't been to either though, and I miss them too. In the midst of all this, I am freelancing in THE office again this week, and am scheduled for some days next week as well...(so there go the afternoons I get when I'm jsut doing the BBQ sauce thing) and last weekend was the Raku firing. We had some awesome results... the illusive RED paid me a vistit. Big time. Red is a color that is difficult to achieve with Raku, and I have a bowl that turned out almost entirely red. How cool is that?? photos to come. When I have a chance to upload them. We had really good results this time, the weather was good, and I think only one thing blew up (not mine this time, although I was scared for that bowl...) and a few things crack... but since raku isn't food safe anyway... the cracks can be "decorative" as well.

I think that may be all the big news at the moment.


Blogger amanda said...

Wow! You really are busy! I hope the show goes well for you and that the audience improves :O)

2:11 PM


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