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Monday, October 10, 2005

blogging updates

Today I updated and FINALLY put links in the sidebar of some of the blogs that I read or look through. Many of these knitters I have "met" through the forum (coffeeshop) and or chat room through knitty.com a very talented group I must say.

I have some new theatre pics that should be coming soon, and will be travleing this weekend, so may have some nice photos to share next week. (hopefully there will be some foliage, but I'm not holding my breath at this point.)

We went to see Wallace & Grommit and the curse of the Were Rabbit on Friday... LOVED IT... will definately be purchasing it when it comes out on DVD, but Robert and I have been big Wallace and Grommit fans for more than 10 years now.. GO SEE IT it it lots of fun for the whole family. :)


Blogger amanda said...

DH took the Princess and Frog Prince to see W&G and they loved it. Apparently the Princess stood the entire time and held onto the seat in front of her. She even ignored the m&m's because the movie was soooo good. She did come home to report that Gromit "knitted yarn just like mommy".

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