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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I was hoping to have some photos of the volunteer work I did on Sunday, but the guy who was taking pictures hasn't e-mailed them to me yet, so words will have to suffice.

Sunday Robert and I joined in the renovation/restoration effort of several local churches, (and the community theater, who we were called through) to make several historic homes habitable for some victims of Katrina. We are getting 9 families locally that I know of. These houses are part of the Mill village, an area of small homes from around 1900-1920 or so that housed workers and their families of the cotton mill that was here in town. They are small cottage like houses. Really cute when they are restored. This area has been a renovaation project here in town for several years. Some are complete and inhabited, and some are still needing various amounts of work. There is a gentleman here who owned a number of them, and has donated them to the red cross for these hurricane victims, as our community remembers Hurricane Floyd all too well. (and we are still recovering from it in many ways. Hence things like our new thater facility. that has been over 6 years in coming.-- The 6th anniversary of the flood is this week-- and other community restoration projects seem to be getting underway now too.) Anyway, Robert and I went and helped paint. There were lots of volunteers there, so there was lots of painting and carpentry and other things happening as well. I'm not sure what the time frame is for having these homes ready, but I heard that one family is already here, having relatives here in town to begin with.

We are getting light rain from Ophelia, and may get some wind later, but we are on the edge of the projected path. We really need the rain, as the river is way down. They aren't projecting anything major here, but we have candles and flashlights in place just in case.

Last week I freelanced in the office where I was laid off last year. That was really weird, especially on the first day. Overall it was pretty uneventful, which was good since there may be more projects in the future. The place is eerily quiet, but there were a number of people out on vacation since it was connected to the holiday weekend. I kept to myself mostly since I didn't want the "pity looks" with the "awww how have you been?" stuff. I know they mean well, but what am I supposed to say, "gee I've been great, looking for non-existant jobs in the area and commutable distance, while you've had a job all year." ??? I have been pretty fortunate to get some decent freelance, but that only goes so far, and then you start stressing about where the next bill payment is coming from. I ended up seeing most of the people there anyway, the ones I wanted to see as well as the ones I really didn't. Only a few were persistant with the questioning. One, who knew I had been freelancing fairly consistantly in Raleigh for a while, was asking if I were still going there? (Well let's see... I'm working here this week... what do you think??? not that I said that, but you can bet I thought it.) (they haven't needed me for a few weeks now, they are "restructuring" and not exactly sure what they are doing or when they are doing it... is the story they seem to be sticking to.) Yes, the whole thing can get frustrating. And I really didn't mean for that to turn into that kind of rant.

Tonight is pottery. That is, if we don't get rained out from Ophelia. I'd love to put handles on the vase I threw last week I think.. will definately need help pulling the handles, everytime I try it, I end up pulling it apart. hopefully it isn't too dry to do that. Trimming it will be interesting... it is kind of tall.

I guess that is about all I have to report at the moment. Hopefully I'll have some photos to post soon.


Blogger amanda said...

i think it is so great you guys are welcoming evacuated families! i'm sure they'll love having a home to call home rather than a shelter to call home.

can't wait to see pics of your pottery :O)

2:39 PM


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