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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Secret Surprise!

I thought my Understudy pal from SP5 had flaked too, and since I hadn't heard from her in ages, and SP6 is well underway, (even though I'm not participating) I'd kind of written the whole thing off... then this morning, Robert brings me a package (after answering the door to some "door to door preacher types") it was from my long lost understudy pal. What a SUREPRISE! (I guess it may have been delivered yesterday and since we hadn't used the front door, didn't see it)

Here's a photo:
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It contained Grydffendor red Cascade yarn which could be used for any number of Gryffendor knitting projects that were included in the notebook at the back of the photo (with the photo of the trio) crossstitch thread in Gryffendor colors (not pictured) for the Gryffendor scarf bookmark. A Skien of Noro Silk Garden (there are purples in there too, but you can't see them in the photo) and some yummy spices. REAL vanilla bean from madagascar, two kinds of exotic cinnamon, and mulling spices, a hazlenut chocolate bar, and some Raspberry preserves, to go with some recipes that were included with the notebook.

THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!! I hope you are feeling much better.
(The package had been delayed due to some health problems.)

COZY UPDATE: almost finished, should be finished this evening.... gotta go knit.

LIFE UPDATE: things are slowly getting better... time will tell.


Anonymous Twin said...

Oh, this made my day!


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