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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Okay so, I've had these on needles for about a year, It is the Queen Kahuna Crazy Toes and Heels pattern (toe up two at once socks on circular needles) I love fact that it is toe up and two at once, but let me tell you, the pattern is convoluted, TOO MUCH Information and not organized in the best fashion. (which is part of the reason it has taken me so long to get to this point, I never seemed to have the time or focus to wade through the information enough to figure out the information I needed, since this is my first real pair of socks) SO, after chatting some about socks the other night in Knitty chat, I pulled them back out, and found I was almost to the heel turn, and so I did wade through the pattern and look where I am now:

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And they do fit pretty well, now I just have to finish the top part, which is easy, and voila, socks! The yarn is some German brand (label not in front of me, starts with a "K" I think) they are self striping and wool. Needles are US #1.

The pattern is pretty easy once you have the information you need from the book of a "pattern". When I do socks again, I will definately use this method, as there arne't any stitches to pick up and I do love the fact that it is two at once. I will post better pictures when I have some better light to do them in.


Blogger Margot said...

Wheeeee - socks! They're lovely and they look like they fit perfectly!

I'm making my first toe-up socks right now too. I'm making them the old-fashioned way - one at a time on dps. : )

9:29 PM


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