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Friday, August 18, 2006

Cigar gloves

here is the start of the Cigar gloves knitty pattern I'm knitting for Robert so his hands dont' freeze when he is changing out the tags on Tuesday nights in the freezer section.. they have three half fingers, so that the glove won't obstruct what he is doing, but it should keep him warmer overall.

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And teddy showing off the progress a little later (he was patiently waiting in the car while we stopped for dinner on the way to see my Dad)

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they are further along now the stripes are in and I've portioned off the thumb and pinky holes to holding yarn. Now we're at the point he will have to continue to try them on more frequently becasue the fingers I will be knitting will be longer than normal..he has really long fingers.

Should have some good pottery photo updates soon. I have about 15 bowls to glaze. they made some new glazes, and I'm waiting on test tiles to see what they look like to decide if I want to use them or not...so stay tuned.


Blogger LaBean said...

Aww Teddy's so cute. Is he wearing earphones???

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